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What are the initial expenditures?

ANSWER:  Find and set up name - $96 for five years.  Monthly hosting - $25 month average or $300 annual. 

What will my web site look like?

ANSWER:  It will be unique – and should be visually captivating and attractive for your customers.  We have an excellent history of designing high-end, professional sites for large and mid-sized businesses.   

What is the price range for a web site?

ANSWER:  Large price range based on features, size, customization, imaging, data storage, prior work, existing work, etc.  OK – from $850 to $28,000.  Also, will there be ongoing updates . . . new product introductions . . . in-house training to do the web site interaction – child webs, sub-webs and/or password protected content? 

 What kind of image editing and design do you use?

ANSWER:  I use professional photography from my own archives as well as other high-quality sources to make your site stand out.  PhotoShop editing and image optimization are all very important (to create a fast loading and crisp web site).  Actual digital images of your site give it the most “custom” look and best reflect what they see on-line . . . and when they do business with you. 

What type of payment arrangements?

ANSWER:  5% discount for full payment up front.  60% of the payment is due at the beginning of the project with the 40% balance upon completion. There is a deadline of three weeks after initial contact OR (if completed earlier than three weeks from initial contact) customer is satisfied with the project and completion, where any changes and/or additions will be charged at the hourly rate. 

What makes a good webmaster?

ANSWER:  There are a lot of good ones out there . . . . . but there are a few key things to look for - - - 1) they must understand the tools and language required to design professional sites,  2) they must listen, have a “feel” and be able to immerse themselves in your business and reflect it on the internet and 3) their involvement with your business should be positive (in terms of your profit and interaction with your personnel and any customers). 

How do I transfer my web site?

ANSWER: 1) Make sure your information is correct on Network Solutions (InterNIC) – you must correct it.  2) Set up you IP address with us (call us).  3) Copy your content to the new IP address – redirect - and confirm the hosting agreement.  4) Allow the InterNIC to make the change and propagate through the Internet (3-4 days sometimes) . . . and 5) Once verified on the new site – contact the previous provider and discontinue service. 

What is the purpose of our first meeting?

ANSWER:  Scope of web site what is going to be done . . . and what you want it to look like.  Basically a number of questions including size, build from scratch, purpose/objective, time involved, work already completed and general expectations and working relationship.  I have learned  . . . after many years of doing this . . . that it is critical to understand your business . . . and what your are trying to do with your web site. 

Once we start the site – after the first meeting – what can I expect?

ANSWER:  1) Web site structure and expected content (flow diagram),  2) Images to be used – generally a “notebook” of digital visuals to look at before they represent your business, and 3) special items to consider, JPEG enlargements, PDF files and flash animations that make things stand out and ad value.


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